The Lesson of Violets

“The themes in ‘Violet’ are universal: accepting yourself with all your flaws, moving on, and the forgiveness and freedom that comes along with that.” Joshua Henry


 Spring has sprung bringing an array of delightful blooms: daffodils, tulips, bluebells, lilacs and of course, violets. Violets are often overlooked as they appear in unkempt yards, and the feet of trees in parks, behind sheds and other places that go overlooked. Their heart shaped leaves and sweet smelling flowers have much to offer. Violets have a powerful lesson to teach, the lesson to love oneself. To look beyond one’s humanness and accept oneself wholly. To see the beauty of one’s soul and shine one’s light for all to see.

In my studies of herbs, the idea that the medicines we need grow around us is a popular belief which I find inherently true. I saw the violets in my yard last fall, the leaves so sweetly reminding me of all the love they have and all the love in me. What I didn’t see was these lovely plants were everywhere in my neighborhood. Tucked against houses, proudly scattered along the curbs, filling up yards with their abundance of love.

This spring as the trees started to bud and the grass returned, modest little purple blooms started to appear in my yard. My heart skipped at the sight of the violets. As I walked with my children around the neighborhood, I was delighted to see that they were everywhere. An empty lot a block away from my house is covered in the plant I adore so much.


 Last summer I was formulating bath salts for self-love and self compassion and I needed blue violets. There’s something about the blue variety that seems to soothe heavy hearts the most. Every supplier had gone through their blue violets and I couldn’t find any, so I decided I would have to wait. Imagine my joy when I found I was surrounded by them. Especially this spring, as my own heart is heavy with grief, I needed the gentle medicine of the blue violets to remind me that I am worthy of my own love and compassion.

I took my daughter out, my son wrapped to my chest, and we gathered violets. We walked to the empty lot, knocked on the door of the house next to it to ask permission to collect and received an exuberant yes. We filled bowls of the blossoms and took them home to dry. As I picked the flowers I breathed in their fragrance, my eyes feasted on their vibrant hues and I found my heart lifting as a gentle sense of ease washed over me. This is the medicine of the blue violet.

Now our harvest awaits being used in bath salts to go out to beautiful souls that need to be reminded of their glory. Do you need some love of violets and their sweet forgiveness? If you still have them blooming, go out and collect them. Make sure they haven’t been sprayed and always ask permission if it’s private land. Take them home and add them to a bath or make a tea of them. They pair lovely with rose petals for a tea, add lemon balm and you have the most heart-warming brew. Or go out and visit them. Sit with them and breathe in their fragrant blooms and find your heart a little lighter, your soul feeling renewed.  

– Madame Davina