Maximize Your Mercury Retrograde

With the phenomenon of Mercury Retrograde becoming mainstream, all sorts of “what not to do” lists are available. Don’t buy a new car. Don’t sign a new contract. Don’t start a new project. Don’t text that ex you’re thinking of. This season is often made out to be a time of hindrances full of frustration. What if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if it can be a constructive time for growth and healing? A time of peaceful reflection? Since first learning about Mercury Retrograde until now, I have taken each time as a chance to explore the energy. Now, I almost look forward to Mercury Retrograde season for all the opportunities it has to offer. I have written a list of tasks to do during Merc X season that can bring fulfillment and nourishment to our lives. Believe me, plenty can be accomplished during this time.

1. Organize
That’s right, Merc X is a superb time to tidy up. Get your Marie Kondo on and get in tip-top shape. Organizing is probably my favorite activity during Mercury Retrograde because clutter always finds a way to pile up and I feel better when I don’t have messes everywhere to distract me. Here are the ways I suggest sprucing up your space, devices, and mind.

  • Email Inboxes – Go through your inboxes. I love having folders to organize all my messages. I make sure emails are filed where they are supposed to go. Then I go through certain folders that are used often and clean up those as well. I take the time to unsubscribe from newsletters and email lists I have signed up for that have become a nuisance. Once my inbox starts piling up, I tend to avoid my email which makes the situation worse leaving this routine cleanup essential. This also helps prevent miss-communication that can occur during this time.
  • Computers and Phones – My computer used to be a hot mess. I had documents everywhere and trying to locate what I was looking for could be overwhelming. During a Merc X, I went through everything, creating a beautiful filing system that allowed for fluid navigation. I didn’t realize what a problem I had until I sat down and fixed it. Cleaning the clutter up
    will allow your computer to run better, too! This goes for your phone as well. Clean up those apps! Put photos where they need to be. You will be so grateful you did.
  • Closets – It never ceases to astonish me how my closets become a chaotic nightmare in a flash so a good going though happens routinely. Having them organized saves time and energy when seeking to find what I need. I like to change out the toys for my children, keeping up on the closets helps streamline this process. Get rid of what you don’t need, vacuum the floors, wipe the shelves and breathe in the relief that comes with uncluttered closets.
  • Finances – This is not something that I do every time, but this past year, I signed up for Truebill to look at where my money was going and how to manage it better. Since I naturally seem to want to clean up my life during Merc X, this happened to fall during that season. I canceled or adjusted subscriptions, changed schedules for certain bills, and set up an automatic transfer to my savings account. Truly, you can do a lot with restructuring your finances during this season.


2. Car Maintenance and Repair
Every Mercury Retrograde there seems a lot talk about transportation going awry. And while this can happen, I have found it the perfect time to get repairs done and to schedule regular maintenance such as oil changes. Give your car some love during this time instead of fretting about everything that can go wrong.


3. Complete Projects
Have you ever been struck by an inspiration to start a project and somehow it ended up getting put off again and again until you have a series of unfinished business? This happens to us all. Whether it be a home project, creative project, or something with business, it can be easy to get sidetracked. I have found with the slowing down with Merc X provides a space to finish what I have left hanging. With much talk about not starting anything new during this season, we forget that we all have lists of projects to finish. Pull out that painting and add the last touches, hang those shelves that have been sitting in the garage and feel the refreshment of finishing what has been started.


4. Reach Out and Reconnect
Whenever Merc X starts coming around so do the memes about dreaded exes resurfacing or forewarning reaching out to toxic people from the past. But what about that friend that you haven’t had much connection with and you miss terribly? Mercury Retrograde is a great season to reach out and reconnect with positive relationships that have been placed on the back burner because life is busy. Take advantage of this time to tend to your tribe.


5. Rest and Replenish
Lastly, rest. Our lives are fast-paced and although I listed plenty of activities to keep you busy, sometimes we need to recoup. Enjoy doing nothing. Read a good book, take a long bath, veg and chill with Netflix. Fill your cup, as they say. Rest, recoup and replenish so you are ready when time picks up at turbo speed.

Despite there being endless lists of what not to during Mercury Retrograde, as I have pointed out, plenty can be done. These times are essential and when utilized as they should be, help us function more efficiently when Mercury sets itself direct. I hope you can start looking forward to this time instead of dreading it and find the peaceful tranquility that can come in what is oft perceived as a time of chaos.

– Madame Davina