Spiritual Cleansing Bath Starter’s Guide

A spiritual bath is a wonderful way to cleanse your energy and promote healing. I have always been a lover of baths. To me, nothing is more relaxing and restoring as a nice soak in the healing power of water. When I was introduced to the concept of spiritual baths, I was immediately intrigued. Now, spiritual baths are a regular part of my self-care practice. In this guide I will go over some basics of spiritual baths so you can brew up your own tub of goodness.

  • Cleanse your tub. Before and after your bath, make sure to clean your bathtub. I like to clean with a product that has lemon to cut away low energy. You don’t want to sit in a pool of murky energy. Also, after your bath you will want to cleanse the tub. For example, I wipe down the tub with some Florida water when I have finished with my bath. This way you won’t be stepping into the energy you removed the next time you shower or bathe.

  • 2. Clean your body first. Go through your regular routine of washing your hair and body before taking your spiritual bath. I take a quick shower and then fill the tub for my bath.

  • Get your head. Be sure you either pour the bath over your head or submerge your head in the bath to lift away heavy thought forms and clear your mind. This is highly important because we carry so much in our mind. Be sure to be mindful of where your thoughts are going as you bathe. You want to bring peace to yourself. Envision the peace you want to achieve. Envision the lightness of your body and mind free of being weighed down. Breathe and release.

  • Counter Clockwise. Stir your bath counter clockwise to remove and pull away the energy you are cleansing.

  • Light a candle. You can take a candle and roll it down your body before lighting it to help remove negative energy. Start with your head and work down getting your arms, torso, legs, and feet, including the bottoms of your feet. Then, light the candle as you soak. Black is good for removing energy but white works as well.

  • Meditate on goodness. Meditate on all the goodness in your life. Practice gratitude and giving thanks for everything you have. Envision what you want to draw to you, the peace, love and abundance you wish to bring in and nurture in you life. Practicing mindfulness as you bathe is important so you can release the energy you are cleansing.

  • Wrap yourself in blessing. After you have stepped out of your bath, apply nourishing oils and lotion to bring in blessings, love and peace. Rose is my absolute favorite for this but choose something that resonates with you. Mints are good for abundance. Lavender is good for peace and protection. Chamomile and jasmine are both excellent for self-love. Breathe in the scent, envision wrapping yourself in love as you apply your lotion or oil.

Spiritual bath blends can be purchased from practitioners, there are some great ones out there. But a simple salt bath should never be underestimated. Start by praying over the salt you will use. Pray the salt will remove and lift the energy that is weighing you down and lowering your frequency. Stir it into a warm bowl or pitcher of water making sure to stir counter clockwise. Then pour over your head and add it to your bath. I also like adding Florida water to a salt bath. This is a perfect way to get started taking spiritual baths.


Want to take it up a notch? Make yourself a coffee bath. These are great when you are suffering from anxiety or bad dreams. To do this you will brew up a strong pot of coffee. Bless your salt and stir it into the brewed coffee as mentioned above. Add lemon juice or vinegar. Make sure you let the coffee cool down enough so you are not burning yourself as you pour it over your head.

There you have it, two bath recipes and a guide to use! Happy bathing to you.


– Madame Davina