Live Your Myth

We are constantly creating our personal mythology. As we start on a journey fresh-eyed and bushy-tailed, as the creators of our own universe we are filled with the belief that we have all we need with the will to create and lead fearlessly. Reaching deep into our subconscious accessing the knowledge encapsulated in our DNA, we birth forth our wisdom. We relish in this beauty. We balance the yin and yang leading and commanding, a force for good. We learn, we grow. We find souls that make our own souls sing. Finding an equal force we charge ahead into the great unknown. Feeling the strength of our ancestors under our feet, we fear nothing. We travel until we leave all we knew behind. As we navigate this unknown path, we often get lost. We lose our light, dig down, find a lantern within, and continue on seeing a few feet ahead. Fear starts to set in, the wheel shifts as we begin to receive the lessons our soul requires to expand. Try as we might to fight it, we are forced to let go and succumb to the inevitable descent. Stripped bare, exposing all who we are, we find the chains that bind us to our old selves which must be severed. Thunder strikes as lighting sets ablaze all we thought we were. Amidst the smoke, rising like a phoenix out of the darkness born anew, we fly. We struggle, finding the strength of our new wings. As we emerge we see where we are to go, who we are to be, the wake we are destined to make. We are whole, we are new and once again with fresh eyes and pep in our step, we start the whole process again.


How boring to remain all you thought you were when all you are intended to be is calling out desperately. If you do life right, you will die dozens of tiny deaths. We are not intended to be static creatures. We house souls that long for expansion. Keep on living your personal myth. Savor every step.


The tarot is a fantastic tool to help explore our personal mythologies. The Major Arcana outlines the Hero’s Journey that we will make multiple times throughout our lives. The above is my outline of this journey using the Major Arcana as a guide. I studied English Literature in college, so when I started my studies with the tarot, it was a natural fit. I felt excited to have a tool to help guide me as I traversed my own Hero’s Journey and now I get to help others do the same.

Whatever part of your journey you are on, embrace it. And keep going.

– Madame Davina