The Tower Will Set You Free

The Tower card from The Dark Tarot.
Our truth sits staring at us, and we look every other direction but at that profound truth. Acknowledging it means our world as we know it will shatter. What to do with all the broken pieces? How to clean up the mess? How to start over from scratch? How to do deal with the anger, frustration, and heartache of the aftermath?
Lyric from Lemon by N.E.R.D.

Most people shudder at the sight of The Tower. Chaos, destruction, shit hits the fan in ways that often cannot be foreseen. Our hearts break, we sit with what seems to be nothing. But where nothing exists lies the potential for everything.

The opportunity of The Tower is a fresh start. It removes what is poisoning your life. The more you avoid it, the stronger the poison brews until it will nearly be the death of you. The Tower comes in to save you. To shatter everything that is blocking you from greatness, from peace, from the life you ultimately desire.

Lyric from "Me & Bobby McGee"

While The Tower is crumbling, it may be hard to see the beauty of this force in our lives. But after everything is dismantled, we can start to gather our resources and rebuild one piece at a time the sense of freedom that comes when toxic ties are severed emerges. Like a phoenix, we can and will rise again and again throughout our lives if we allow ourselves the courage to do so. The reward of staring deep into our truths is to be ever-evolving. And this is a beautiful thing.

When The Tower makes an appearance, embrace it. See it for the rebirth that it offers. See it as the invitation to start a new chapter. Stand with confidence knowing that what comes after is beauty beyond your wildest dreams. Start collecting your resources to rebuild a fantastic structure, one you can be proud of, one that allows you to thrive.

– Madame Davina