Spring Cleaning Box

Get a spiritual spruce up with this bundle of joy!

Chinese Floor Wash

Chinese Floor Wash has been a product used by conjure practitioners for years, primarily in the south. An oil-based soap infused with lemongrass and the tried and true van van oil is primed and ready to spiritually cleanse your space. Out with the old, bye-bye to blockages and hello and open roads! Leave your space refreshed with Chinese Floor Wash.

Cleansing Spray

My cleansing spray is ideal for situations where you can’t pull out a lighter and a smudge stick! Great for your office, nightstand, purse, car, etc. Cleanse yourself and your space where ever you are. It is my blend of essential oils, rose water, witch hazel, and a dash of river water mixed together and charged for cleansing.

Bath Salts

A bath salt blend formulated the pick you up and get you going for spring.

Ostara Reading

Spring has sprung! It is a time of balance, regeneration, fertility, and incredible potential. Explore the themes of this season with your personal journey with this reading.