Prosperity Knot Spell

A knot spell is where you take a ribbon or cord of thread and while you proclaim your intentions, you tie a knot. For this spell, I start by dressing and preparing a candle with van van oil. I scatter the coins for this spell on the plate with the candle. After I light the candle, I take my ribbons and recite the intentions and prepare the cord. I lay the cords with the coins and let the candle burn. Once the candle is out, I take the cord and coins and place them in the pouch. I will send out your pouch in the mail. You can place your pouch in your purse, on your nightstand, on your dresser, or table where you get ready. Somewhere where you can see it and hold the intention of the pouch with you.

This is a general spell for prosperity but if there is anything you would like to add to your prosperity intentions, write it in the comments.

Good luck!