Love Spell Kit

With Valentine’s dawning, I have been extra appreciative of all of the love in my life. I have incredible friends who support me, I have beautiful children I adore, a family that surrounds me in love, and a partner I adore. I also thought of all of the self-love work I’ve done. My head swirling with the miraculousness of love, I decided I wanted to take my favorite love ingredients to craft candles and bath salts for love. These dressed candles and salts are intended to cultivate and draw in love to one’s life. I have included instructions on how to tailor the spell to your specific love needs.

For the candles and salts and I blended my favorite herbs for love. I used the blend for the salts as well as the candles. I infused the salts and oil with essential oils for love. I dressed the candles with oil and rolled in the herbs. I blended the salts in with the herbs. The candles and salts have been charged and prayed over and are ready for use.