Glow Beauty Box

The beauty box comes with three handcrafted products.
Queen of Hungary Toner: This is a vinegar-based facial toner for clearing up and skin and helping it glow. This is a tried and true toner that women have been using for years. And this is my version of it. A mix of skin-loving herbs is extracted in apple cider vinegar. Fixed with witch hazel extract, spring water, and a mild blend of essential oils, this toner is an excellent addition for your nighttime skincare routine. I do warn, it is vinegar and it smells like it. But I have found herbal vinegar is excellent for the skin.
Nighttime Skin Cream: The base oil of this cream has a blend of herbs infused in it. Super nourishing and very hydrating, it is another excellent addition to our nighttime skincare routine. Because of the herbs infused in it, it has an earthy smell. I don’t like to add additional products for the smell. I like my skincare to be clean and nutritive. After regular use, you will notice a huge difference in your skin’s ability to retain moisture as dark spots, and acne scars fade.
Heal Thy Heart Bath Salts: All beauty begins within. Everyone needs an extra energetic hug right now and this bath is perfect for that. This gorgeous blend of roses, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, violets, and salts infused with essential oils will calm the mind and lift the heart. These salts have been blessed on my altar and are ready to give you some deep healing and love.