Dream Pouch

This little bundle of herbs is curated for peaceful sleep. The soothing scents come together calming the mind as you prepare to drift off into dreamland. These pouches also help with difficult sleep due to nightmares.
I started making these pouches years ago when I a friend of mine’s child was struggling with sleep. My house was filled with lavender and had other little plant helpers calling out to me. I gathered the ingredients and blended them together. As the scent filled the air, I knew this blend was sure the help.
Over the years I have continued to make dream pouches and now they have become my most requested product. It’s high time I added to my website!
A little tip: they make stuffed animals with cavities for lavender. You can take this sachet and place it in that cavity to have a little cuddle buddy filled with this symphony of herbs to lull anyone to sleep.